mercredi 26 mars 2008

The Clash - Chicago 14/09/79

retour à un meilleur Clash. La qualité de l'enregistrement, bien qu'inférieure à Lochen et Tokyo, y reste tout à fait acceptable mais surtout l'énergie était encore là !!! LE Clash

01. Jimmy Jazz
02. I'm so bored with the USA
03. Complete Control
04. London Calling
05. Clampdown
06. White Man in Hammersmith Palais
07. Koka Kola
08. I fought the Law
09. Jail Guitar Doors
10. Police and Thieves
11. Stay Free
12. Clash City Rockers
13. Safe European Home
14. Capital Radio
15. Janie Jones
16. Garageland
17. Armagideon Time
18. Career Opportunities
19. White Riot

The Clash - Sun Plaza Hall Tokyo, Japan, 01 Fevrier 82

voila encore un bootleg d'excellente qualité. Ce concert au Japon est certainement un des 3 bootlegs les plus répandus. j'en connais une dizaine de versions différentes. Celui a été construit à partir de plusieurs sources (d'où certaines sautes de qualité sur ceratins morceaux) afin d'y regrouper le concert en entier.

Comme pour le concert de Lochen en Holland, mais en moins pire, la prestation du groupe y est quelconque et n'a plus rien à voir avec le Clash d'avant. Simonon y étale toutes ses limites musicales.

01. Intro
02. London Calling
03. Safe European Home
04. Train In Vain
05. Washington Bullets
06. The Leader
07. Magnificent 7
08. Guns of Brixton
09. White Man in Hamm Palais
10. Ivan Meets Gi Joe
11. Brand New Cadilac
12. Career Opportunities
13. Janie Jones
14. Charlie Dont Surf
15. Clampdown
16. Radio Clash
17. Clash City Rockers
18. Armagideon Time
19. Jimmy Jazz
20. Tommy Gun
21. London's Burning
22. Fujiyama Mama
23. Police on My Back
24. White Riot

The Clash - Lochen, Holland, 20/05/82

Une performance bien triste à plusieurs titres : d'abord le manque d'enthousiasme du groupe, chacun jouant de son côté, un Simonon très faiblard et surtout le dernier concert de Topper. La qualité en reste cependant excellente.

01. London Calling
02. Safe European Home
03. The Guns of Brixton
04. Train In Vain
05. Clash City Rockers
06. Know Your Rights
07. The Magnificent Seven
08. Ghetto Defendent
09. Should I Stay or Should I Go?
10. Police and Thieves
11. Brand New Cadillac
12. Bankrobber
13. Complete Control
14. Career Opportunities
15. Clampdown

vendredi 21 mars 2008

Greg Graffin - Silver Wings Club, Berlin, 04/05/2006

Beautiful and stunning solo performance of bad Religin's front man and singer Greg Graffin

01. Don't Be Afraid To Run
02. Omie Wise
03. Cold As The Clay
04. God Song (Bad Religion)
05. Highway
06. Talk About Suffering
07. Suffer (Bad Religion)
08. Willie Moore
09. Rebel's Goodbye
10. Cease (Bad Religion)
11. The Watchmaker's Dial
12. Sorrow (Bad Religion)
13. One More Hill
14. Dream Of Unity (Bad Religion)

Bad Religion - Palladium 2006

Ripped from the DVD
Sinister Rouge
All There Is
No Control
Social Suicide
Los Angeles is Burning
Modern Man
Kyoto Now
Stranger Than Fiction
Struck A Nerve
Let Them Eat War
Change of Ideas
God's Love
Recipe for Hate
Atomic Garden
10 in 2010
Come Join Us
I Want to Conquer the World
21st Century Digital Boy
F**k Armageddon
American Jesus
Along the Way
Do What You Want
Only Gonna Die

Bad Religion - Paradiso Amsterdam, 18/04/1992

01. Turn On The Light
02. Suffer
03. Generator
04. Anesthesia
05. Get Off
06. Too Much To Ask
07. Operation Rescue
08. Along The Way
09. Do What You Want
10. Change Of Ideas
11. Heaven Is Falling
12. The Answer
13. Modern Man
14. No Control
15. Fuck Armageddon
16. Two Babies In The Dark
17. Tomorrow
18. You Are The Government
19. Automatic Man
20. 21st Century Digital Boy
21. We're Only Gonna Die

Flogging Molly - Lowlands Festival 2004

01. Intro
02. Drunken Lullabies
03. Selfish Man
04. The Likes of You Again
05. Swagger
06. The Worst Day Since Yesterday
07. Rebels of the Sacred Heart
08. Black Friday Rule
09. Seven Deadly Sins
10. If I Ever Leave This World Alive
11. What's Left of the Flag
12. Devil's Dance Floor
13. Salty Dog
14. Every Dog Has Its Day

Flogging Molly - Paradiso, Amsterdam 24/07/06

Irish punk band !!!

01. intro
02. Another Bag Of Bricks
03. Screaming At The Wailing Wall
04. The Likes Of You Again
05. Swagger
06. Selfish Man
07. Whistles The Wind
08. Drunken Lullabies
09. Life In A Tenement Square
10. The Kilburn Highroad
11. Tobacco Island
12. Factory Girls
13. Queen Anne's Revenge
14. Rebels Of The Sacred Heart
15. The Devil's Dance Floor
16. Salty Dog
17. If I Ever Leave This World Alive
18. Within A Mile Of Home
19. What's Left Of The Flag
20. Grace Of God Go I
21. The Worst Day Since Yesterday
22. Seven Deadly Sins

vendredi 14 mars 2008

Bob Marley - The Last Wonderful Concert - Pittsburgh 23/10/80

Le titre parle de lui-même !!! la date est fausse sur la pochette
Date is wrong on the cover

01. Natural Mystic
02. Positive Vibration
03. Burnin' & Lootin'
04. Them Belly Full
05. The Heathen
06. Running Away
07. Crazy Baldhead
08. War, No More Trouble
09. Zimbabwe
10. Zion Train
11. No Woman No Cry
12. Jammin'
13. Exodus
14. Redemption Song
15. Coming In From the Cold
16. Could You Be Loved
17. Is This Love

Paul Weller - Sessionman

Into tomorrow
Tin soldier
Bull Rush Magic bus
When you call me
Everything has a price to pay
Has my fire...?
What's goin on?
Out of the sinking
Moon on your pyjamas
Hung up
Black sheep boy
Wild wood
Out of the sinking
All the pictures on the wall
Foot of the mountain
Fly on the Wall
Wild wood
The changing man
Porcelain gods

Peter Tosh - Equal Rights Demos 1977

01 - 400 years
02 - Hammer
03 - Jam A Inna Jam Down
04 - Vampire
05 - Babylon Queendom
06 - Cant Blame The Youth
07 - Mark Of The Best
08 - Get Up Stand Up
09 - Apartied

The Ramones - Die, Live @ The Palladium, New York, 31/12/79

Blitzkreg Bop
Teenage Labotomy
Rockaway Beach
I Don't Want You
Go Mental
Gimme Gimme Sock Treatment
I Wanna Be Sedated
I Just Want To Have Something To Do
She's The One
This Ain't Havana
I'm Against It
Sheena Is a Punk Rocker
Havana Affair
Needles And Pins
I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
Surfin' Bird
Cretin Hop
All The Way
Judy Is a Punk
California Sun
I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You
Today Your Love Tomorrow The World
Do You Wanna Dance?
Suzy Is a Headbanger
Let's Dance
Chinese Rock
Beat On The Brat
We're a Happy Family
Bad Brain
I Wanted Everything

The Jam - 4 acres club, utica, New York, 20/03/1978

London Traffic
I Need You
The Combine
London Gir
News of the World
In the Street
Here Comes the Weekend
Bricks and Mortor
Sounds from the Street
All Around the World
In the City
In the Midnight Hour
Slow Down

the Jam - Rockpalast 1980

01 - Dreamtime
02 - Thick as Theives
03 - Boy About Town
04 - Going Underground
05 - Pretty Green
06 - Monday
07 - Set The House Ablaze
08 - Private Hell
09 - Liza Radley
10 - Dreams of Children
11 - Modern World
12 - Little Boy Soldiers
13 - But I'm Different Now
14 - Start
15 - Scrapeaway
16 - Strange Town
17 - When Your Young
18 - In The City
19 - Too Be Someone
20 - David Watts
21 - Eton Riffles
22 - Down In The Tubestation

vendredi 7 mars 2008

Blondie - Late set at Old Waldorf, San Franciso, 21/09/77

la date sur le recto de la pochette est fausse. Il s'agit bien du 21 septembre 1997.
The date on the front cover is wrong. The actual date was September 77, 21st

01 X-Offender
02 Youth Nabbed As Sniper
03 Fan Mail
04 Cautious Lip
05 I'm On E
06 Detroit 442
07 I Didn't Have The Nerve To Say No
08 Bermuda Trianle Blues (Flight 45)
09 (I'm Always Touched by Your) Presence, Dear
10 Contact In Red Square
11 A Shark In Jet's Clothing
12 In The Sun
13 Heart Full Of Soul (Yardbirds)
14 Playing With Fire
15 Moonlight Drive (Doors)

Madness - Nutty Sound Vol. I

01. Cardiac Arrest (Extended 12" Version)
02. Our House (Extended Version)
03. Tomorrow's Just Another Day (12" Warp Mix)
04. Wings Of A Dove (Blue Train Mix)
05. The Sun And The Rain (Extended Version)
06. Michael Caine (Extended Version)
07. Yesterday's Men (12" Version)
08. Uncle Sam (Ray Gun Mix)
09. Sweetest Girl (Extended Mix)
10. Seven Year Scratch (Hits Mix)
11. Yesterday's Men (Demo Version)
12. Uncle Sam (Demo Version)
13. Sweetest Girl (Dub Mix)

Madness - Nutty sounds Vol. II

01. Tomorrow's Just Another Day ft. Elvis Costello
02. Listen To Your Father ft. Feargal Sharkey
03. For Without You ft. Feargal Sharkey
04. The Fink Brothers - Mutants In Mega City One
05. The Fink Brothers - Mutant Blues
06. Madness, UB40, The Specials and others - Starvation
07. The Argonauts - Apeman
08. The Argonauts - Under My Thumb
09. The Aligator Song (Live)10. Perfect Place (Live)
11. Winter In Wonderland (Live)
12. Natural Act (Of Love) (Live)
13. Crunch! - Pop My Top
14. Suggs - Suedehead (Live)
15. Crunch! - Round Trip (Live)
16. Suggs - Come Up And See Me (Live)
17. Suggs - I Should Be So Lucky (Live)
18. Wonderful (Live Euro 96)
19. Suggs - Me & You (Demo)
20. Suggs - That's The Way We Do It (Demo)
21. Suggs - Two Bacon Sandwiches (Demo)
22. Suggs - I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday (Live)

Madness - Nutty sounds Vol III

01. Shoparound (Live 1986)
02. Our House (Extended Dance Version)
03. Blue Beast (Warp Mix)
04. Tracy Ullman - My Guy's Mad At Me
05. Madness ft. Prince Buster (Live 08/08/1992)
06. Suggs - Green Eyes (Live)
07. Suggs - Off ON Holiday (Live)
08. Crunch! - Ticket To (Live)
09. Nightboat To Cairo (Live Brit Awards 1993)
10. Suggs - Camden Town (Live)
11. Crunch! - Boy In The Box (Live)
12. Suggs - House Of Fun (Jungle Version)
13. Suggs - Straight Banana (Demo Version)
14. My Old Man (Sheffield 1999)
15. The Prince (Wubble U With Dubs)
16. One Step Beyond... (Rips Get Saxy Mix)
17. One Step Beyond... (Rips Get Saxy Instrumental Mix)

Madness - Nutty Sounds Vol. IV

01. Our House (Instrumental Mad House Dub Mix)
02. Listen To Your Father ft. Feagal Sharkey (Live 24/11/1985)
03. The Madness - Patience
04. Suggs - I'm Only Sleeping (Live)
05. Crunch! - Saints & Sinners (Demo)
06. Suggs - My Girl (Live)
07. Crunch! - Sunshine Boys (Live)
08. Crunch! - Going Solo (Live)
09. Culture Vulture (Live Madstock! 3 1996)
10. Suggs - It Must Be Love (Live)
11. Suggs - Blackberry Way (Live Ben Elton Show)
12. Complete Madness ft. Suggs - House Of Fun (Live)
13. Lovestruck (Live)
14. The Prince (Wubble U Mix No Dubs)
15. One Step Beyond... (Rips Mad Ska Radio Mix)
16. One Step Beyond... (Mad Ska Radio Instrumental Mix)

Madness - Nutty sounds Vol V

better do better girl
Dreader Than Dread
girl why don't you dub
girl why dont you (bbc sessions)
i chase the devil aka ironshirt (bbc sessions)
It Must Be Love (Wixx Mixx 2007)
killer queeen ( al murray happy hour show)
madness +enjoy yourself (suggs&prince buster)
Madness - Forever Young Live (Astoria 3-12-07)
Madness Megamix
night boat to cario (old grey whistle test 1979)
nw5 (i would give u everything) (live)
One Missy Beyond
one step beyond (bbc sessions)
Ordinary Trousers (madness vs the ordinary boys)
shame and scandal (bbc sessions)
Sorry (Exclusive Tim Deluxe Remix)
toxic (madness vs britney nutty)
Are You Coming With Me (ALT)
Calling Cards (R1 session)
Missing You (R1Studio Session)
Tiptoes- R1 Session

Dexy's Midnight Runners - Rockpalast, Essen 16/04/83

The Celtic Soul Brothers
Let's Get This Straight From T
Plan B
Let's Make This Precious
There There My Dear
Come On Eileen
All In All
Jackie Wilson Said
Tell Me When My Light Turns Green
Until I Believe In My Soul
Kevin Rowland's 13th Crime
Keep It Pt2

mardi 4 mars 2008

Holiday Time

Je suis parti une semaine en vacances. Je suis de retour.... mise à jour à suivre.
I went on Holiday for a few days. I'm back now... update to come !


J'ai pris la décision de partager avec vous ma collection de concerts. Sachez l'apprécier à sa juste valeur.
Les mises à jour se feront au gré du vent et du temps. Passez me rendre visite de temps en temps

I have decided to share with you my bootlegs collection. Just appreciate it.
The updates won't be done on a regular basis. Just come and visit me.