vendredi 15 février 2008

The Clash - Hammersmith OdeonLondon, England, 27/12/79

01 Clash City Rockers
02. Brand New Cadillac
03. Safe European Home
04. Jimmy Jazz
05. Clampdown
06. The Guns of Brixton
07. Train In Vain
08. Wrong 'Em Boyo
09. Koka Kola
10. White Man In Hammersmith Palais
11. Stay Free
12. Bankrobber
13. Janie Jones
14. Compete Control
15. Armagideon Time
16. London Calling
17. outro

The Clash - Going to the Disco, Live At The Roundhouse, London, 05/09/76

the Specials - Pinkpop Festival Damensportpark Geleen, The Netherlands 26/05/80

1.Monkey Man.
2.Blank expression.
3.It doesn't make it alright.
4.Stupid Marriage.
5.Rat race.
6.Too much too young.
7.Guns of Navarone.

The Specials - The Lyceum Theatre, London, 02/12/79

1.( Dawning of a ) new era.
2.Do the Dog.
3.Monkey Man.
4.Concrete jungle.
5.Too hot.
6.Doesn't make it alright.
7.Too much too young.
8.Guns of Navarone.
9.Little Bitch.
10.A message to you Rudy.
11.Nite Klub.
13.Long shot kick the bucket.
14.Liquidator / Skinhead Moonstomp.

Stray Cats - Toronto 1983

1. intro
2. baby blue eyes
3. double talkin baby
4. rumble in brighton
5. drink that bottle down
6. built for speed
7. banjo song
8. jeanie jeanie jeanie
9. stray cat strut
10. lonely summer nights
11. rev it up and go
12. come on everybody
13. runaway boys
14. oh boy
15. something else
16. fishnet stockings
17. rock this town

Stray Cats - Ritz, New York18/10/1988

1. Double Talkin' Baby
2. Rumble In Brighton
3. Blast Off
4. Runaway Boys
5. Rockabilly Rules Okay
6. Nine Lives
7. Gina
8. Stray Cat Strut
9. Rock This Town
10. She's Sexy And 17
11. Built For Speed

Stray Cats - Let's go faster demos

1. baby don't drag me down
2. can't stand losing you
3. struck by lightning
4. gonna be your rock
5. lay a little love away
6. thing about you
7. keep on running
8. that someone just like you
9. cross of love
10. let's go faster
11. shotgun baby
12. tight black leather
13. give it to me

Stray Cats - 1982.04.28 - Live in Los Angeles

Baby Blue Eyes
Double Talking Woman
Rumble In Brighton
Drink That Bottle Down
Built For Speed
Foggy Mountain Breakdown
Jeanie Jeanie Jeanie
Stray Cat Strut
Lonely Summer Nights
Rev It Up
Come On Everybody
Runaway Boys
Oh Boy
Something Else
Fishnet Stockings
Rock This Town

lundi 11 février 2008

Joe Strummer - House of blues, Los Angeles, 06/11/99

Diggin' The New - Nothing bout Nothing - X-Ray Style - Rock The Casbah - Ishen - Brand New Cadiliac - Tony Adams - Trash City - Nitcomb - The Road To Rock'n'Roll - White Man In Ham Palais - Safe European Home - Yalla Yalla - Rudie Can't Fail - London Calling - Presure Drop - Forbidden City - Tommy Gun - Straight To Hell - I Fought The Law - Junco Partner - Techno D-Day - Bankrobber

New Model Army - "Bizarre Festival" - Cologne, Butzweiler Hof, Germany 17/08/96

White Light
Believe It
Stupid Questions
Over the Wire
Get me out
No Pain
Bad Old World
Green and Grey
Here Comes the war
I Love the World

New Model Army - Bizarre Festival, Weeze, Germany 18/08/01

Over the Wire
Aimless desire
Wonderful Way to Go
No rest
You weren't there
Flying through the smoke
51st State
Here Comes the War
Green & Grey
Get Me Out

New Order - BBC Session 2001

Slow Jam
Close Range£
Your Silent Face
Rock The Shack
60 Miles An Hour
Love Will Tear Us Apart
Sunrise (Intrumental Rough Mix)

Track 1 : BBC TOTP2, England - 29 August 01 [TV Broadcast]
Track 2 : BBC Maida Vale Studios, London, England - 24 September 01 [Radio Broadcast]
Tracks 3-6 : Steve Lamacq Evening Session, BBC Maida Vale Studios, London, England - 16 October 01 [Radio Broadcast]
Tracks 7-11 : Later With Jools Holland, BBC Wood Lane TV Studios, England - 16 October 01 [TV Broadcast]
Track 12 : Unreleased Instrumental Demo Version - Recorded in early 1985
Track 13 : Peter Hook interviewed in Auckland, New Zealand - 20 May 85

The Clash - Lille,France Palais St. Sauveur 09/05/81

London Calling
Safe European Home
The Leader
Somebody Got Murdered
White Man in Hammersmith Palais
Guns of Brixton
Lightning Strikes
I Fought The Law
Corner Soul
Ivan Meets GI Joe
Radio Clash
Charlie Don't Surf
Magnificent Seven
Wong 'Em Boyo
Train in Vain

Style Council - Melbourne Entertainment Center 08/08/85

The big boss groove
Shout to the top
See the day
With everything to lose
Down in the Seine
Nzuri beat
Our favourite shop
Long hot summer
(When you) call me
A stone thrown away
My ever changing moods
It just came to pieces in my hands
Walls come tumbling down

Style Council - Tokyo 04/87

The Lodgers
Shout To The Top
(When You) Call Me
It Didn't Matter
Walking The Night
The Cost Of Loving
With Everything To Lose
A Woman's Song
Mick's Company
My Ever Changing Moods
Fairy Tales
Heaven's Above

vendredi 1 février 2008

The Clash - Clash Concerts 1976/1983


Une rétrospective de la carrière scénique du plus grand groupe de rock. La plupart sont des soundboards. L'agencement a été fait en respectant l'ordre chronologique des albums.
Un grand merci a IMCT et Ghettodefendant !

A live anthology spanning the band's entire recording career. Music picked primarily from soundboard recordings. Sequenced according to the albums original running order.
A big thanks to IMCT and Ghettodefendant !

DISC ONE (66 minutes)
1. White Riot (Lyceum. London 01/03/79)
2. 1977 (Roundhouse. London 09/05/76)
3. Capital Radio (Lyceum. London 01/03/79)
4. Janie Jones (Tokyo Japan 02/01/82)
5. Remote Control (Cardiff. Leceister 05/28/77)*
6. I’m So Bored With The USA (Palladium NY 09/21/79)
7. Hate & War (Cardiff. Leceister 05/28/77)*
8. What’s My Name (Cardiff. Leceister 05/28/77)
9. Deny (Cardiff. Leceister 05/28/77)
10. London’s Burning (Lyceum. London 01/03/79)
11. Career Opportunities (Tokyo Japan 02/01/82)
12. Police & Thieves (Passaic, NJ 03/08/80)
13. 48 Hours (Roundhouse. London 09/05/76)
14. Garageland (Lyceum. London 01/03/79)
15. Complete Control (Bonds. NY 06/09/81)
16. City Of The Dead (Lyceum. London 01/03/79)
17. Clash City Rockers (Lyceum. London 01/03/79)
18. Jail Guitar Doors (Lyceum. London 01/03/79)*
19. (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais (Bonds. NY 06/09/81)
20. Safe European Home (Lyceum. London 01/03/79)
21. English Civil War (Lyceum. London 01/03/79)
22. Tommy Gun (Lyceum. London 01/03/79)
23. Julie’s Been Working For The Drug Squad (Lyceum. London 01/03/79)

DISC TWO (70 minutes)
1. Drug Stabbing Time (Lyceum. London 01/03/79)
2. Stay Free (Passaic NJ 03/08/80)*
3. Cheapskates (Lyceum. London 01/03/79)
4. I Fought The Law (Lyceum. London 01/03/79)
5. London Calling (Bonds. NY 06/09/81)
6. Armagideon Time (San Bernadino CA 05/28/83)
7. Brand New Cadillac (Bonds. NY 06/09/81)
8. Jimmy Jazz (Passaic NJ 03/08/80)
9. Spanish Bombs (Passaic NJ 03/08/80)
10. Lost In The Supermarket (Wichita Falls TX 05/19/83)*
11. Clampdown (Bonds. NY 06/09/81)
12. The Guns Of Brixton (Bonds. NY 06/09/81)
13. Koka Kola (Passaic NJ 03/08/80)
14. Train In Vain (Bonds. NY 06/09/81)*
15. Bankrobber (Amsterdam, Holland 05/10/81)
16. The Magnificent Seven (Amsterdam, Holland 05/10/81)
17. Junco Partner (Kingston, Jamaica 11/27/82)
18. Ivan Meets GI Joe (Bonds. NY 06/09/81)
19. The Leader (Bonds. NY 06/09/81)
20. Somebody Got Murdered (San Bernadino CA 05/28/83)*

DISC THREE (66 minutes)
1. One More Time (Bonds. NY 06/09/81)
2. Lightning Strikes (Not Once But Twice) (Bonds. NY 06/09/81)
3. Corner Soul (Milan Italy 05/21/81)
4. The Sound Of Sinners (San Bernadino CA 05/28/83)
5. Police On My Back (Shea Stadium. NY 10/13/82)*
6. The Call Up (Bonds. NY 06/09/81)
7. Washington Bullets (Tokyo Japan 02/01/82)
8. Broadway (Bonds. NY 06/09/81)
9. Charlie Don’t Surf (Bonds. NY 06/09/81)
10. The Street Parade (Bonds. NY 06/09/81)*
11. This Is Radio Clash (Amsterdam, Holland 05/10/81)
12. Know Your Rights (Lochem, Holland 05/20/82)
13. Car Jamming (St. Paul MN 08/11/82)
14. Ghetto Defendant (Lochem, Holland 05/20/82)
15. Should I Stay Or Should I Go? (Lochem, Holland 05/20/82)*
16. Rock The Casbah (Kingston, Jamaica. 11/27/82)
17. Straight To Hell (Kingston, Jamaica 11/27/82)

JOE STRUMMER: Lead & backing vocals, rhythm guitar.
MICK JONES: Lead & rhythm guitar, effects, backing vocals. Lead vocals on *
PAUL SIMONON: Bass and backing vocals. Lead vocals on "Guns Of Brixton."
TOPPER HEADON: Drums and percussion. Lead vocals on "Ivan Meets GI Joe."
TERRY CHIMES: Drums on "1977," "48 Hours," "Police On My Back," "Car Jamming," "Rock The Casbah" and "Straight To Hell."
KEITH LEVENE: Rhythm guitar on "1977" and "48 Hours."
PETE HOWARD: Drums on "Armagideon Time," "Lost In The Supermarket," "Somebody Got Murdered" and "The Sound Of Sinners."
MICKEY GALLAGHER: Keyboards on "Police & Thieves," "Stay Free," "Jimmy Jazz" and "Spanish Bombs."

Hothouse Flowers - "Spirit" Wembley stadium 13/07/91

Stunning recording !!! great band !!

Hardstone City
Give It Up
Hallelujah Jordan
Christchurch Bells
I Can See Clearly Now
Don't Go
Bean Phaidin
Down By The River
Feet On The Ground

Green Day - Point Center, Ireland 31/01/05

American Idiot
Jesus of Suburbia
Are we the Waiting
St Jimmy
King for a Day
Wake me up when september ends
Boulevard of broken dreams
When I come around
Time of your life

New Model Army - 20th anniversary show

Nottingham Rock City - 23/10/00

CD 1 :
Better than Them
Changing of the Light
Snelsmore Wood
You Weren't There
The Charge
Modern Times
The Hunt
Over the Wire
Wonderful Way to Go
No Greater Love
A Liberal Education

CD 2 :

Flying Thrue the Smoke
Stupid Questions
Here comes the War
Green and Grey
White Coats
Archway Towers
No Rest
Poison Street
I Love the World

Peter Murphy - Chicago 13/08/95

un seul défaut : les blanc entre les chansons
Just one problem : TAO Recording !

Wild birds flock to me
Mirror to my woman's mind
Deep ocean, vast sea
Crystal Wrists
The sweetest drop
Hit song
Strange kind of love
Indigo eyes
Cuts you up
Strange kind of love


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