vendredi 30 novembre 2007

Joe Strummer - 22/11/02 Liverpool University, Liverpool, England

Et voila je l'avais promis à mon ami Jean-José, le dernier concert de Joe Strummer enregistré à Liverpool. RIP

Shaktar Donetsk
Bhindi Bagee
Rudie Can’t Fail
Bummed Out City
Mega Bottle Ride
Police & Thieves
Dakhar Mean Time
Tony Adams
Get Down Moses
Cool n Out
Junco Partner
Johnny Appleseed
Coma Girl
Police on My Back
Message to you Rudy *
Bankrobber *
White Man in Ham Palais *
White Riot *

Joe Strummer - Joe accompanied with...

on ne pouvait pas se quitter comme ça un vendredi sans un bon Strummer. Des morceaux pris à droite, à gauche....

STRUMMER accompanied with...
01. England's Irie - Black Grape
02. Guitar Slinger - Brian Setzer Orchestra
03. The harder they come - The Long Beach Dub All Stars
04. Return of the Blues Cowboy - Jools Holland & The Big Band Rythm & Blues
05. Over the border - Jimmy Cliff
06. MacDougal Street blues - Jack Kerouac
07. Redemption song - Johnny Cash
08. War Cry - Richard Norris
09. Just the one - Levellers
10. Ocean Of Dreams - Steve Jones
11. Naughty Christmas - Fat Les
12. Let Me Show You - Michael Hutchence
13. Living In The Flood - Horace Andy
14. It's a rockin' world - with Flea and more
15. Dumb - Agent Provocateur
16. Blister in the sun (2000) - Violent Femmes
17. Salsa y Ketchup - Zander Schloss
18. House of the Ju-Ju Queen - Janie Jones & The Lash
19. Victory Lane - Joe
20. Pouring rain - Joe
(thanks to IMCT)

The Specials - Amsterdam, 'Veronica Festival', 18-10-80

01 Concrete Jungle
02 Rat Race
03 Hey, Little Rich Girl
05 Naked Man
06 Do Nothing
07 Sea Cruise
08 Stereotype
09 Gangsters
10 Man At C & A
11 Sock It To 'Em J.B.
12 Do The Dog
13 Too Much Too Young
14 Enjoy Yourself

The Cure - "Imaginery songs" Live in the Netherlands 79/80

28/06/80 Summerpop Festival, Veenendaal, Netherlands (tracks 1-9)
??/12/79 - Milkweg, Amsterdam (tracks 10-19)

Three Imaginary Boys - Fire In Cairo - In Your House - 10:15 Saturday Night - At Night - Jumping Someone Else's Train - M - Grinding Halt - A Forest - Seventeen Seconds - Accuracy - Play For Today - Another Journey By Train - Jumping Someone Else's Train - Killing An Arab - Subway Song - Grinding Halt - Boys Don't Cry - At Night

The Cure - Buried demos

* 1979/1980
I dig you – i'm a cult hero – Meathook – Pillbox tales – I just need myself – I want to be old – See the children – Plastic passion (slow) – I'm cold – It's not you – 10:15 on a Saturday night – Fire in Cairo – Killing an arab - ?? – Play for today – Into the trees – A forest – Figurehead – Figurehead - Cold

The Housemartins - Raise the flag

une collection de faces B, aussi connue sous le nom de "Pure Excitment"

01) You
02) Stand at ease
03) Coal train to Hatfield Main
04) Drop down dead (12" Version)
05) Who needs the limelight?
06) Joy, joy, joy
07) Rap around the clock
08) We shall not be moved
09) When I first met Jesus
10) So much in love
11) Heaven help us all
12) Rebel without the airplay
13) So glad
14) He will find you out
15) I bit my lip
16) Paris in flares
17) Forwards & backwards
18) The light is always green (Cheap Version)
19) Get up of our knees (Live)
20) Five get over excited (Live)
21) Johannesburg (Live)
22) Time spent thinking
23) Swansea
24) The day I called it a day

The Housemartins - Demos & Radio Sessions

01) Time spent thinking
02) Too many cooks
03) All men are the same
04) I will be there (Demo)
05) The day I called it a day (Demo)
06) It's history (Demo)
07) Taxi to Singapore (Demo)
08) When will I be released (Demo)
09) Skatsburg (Demo)
10) Interlude (Demo)
11) Swansea (Demo)
12) Taxi to Singapore (Slow) (Demo)
13) Interview / Sheep
14) Think for a minute
15) People get ready
16) Stand at ease
17) Flag day
18) Joy, joy, joy
19) Over there
20) Happy hour
21) Caravan of love
22) The big match / We shall not be moved
23) Were not deep
24) Heaven help us all
25) When I first met Jesus
26) Happy hour (A Capella)
27) Taxi to Singapore (Harmonica) (Demo)

jeudi 29 novembre 2007

Madness - London Hammersmith Palais, 19/12/81

01. One Step Beyond
02. E.R.N.I.E.
03. Mistakes
04. Disappear
05. Bed And Breakfast Man
06. Return Of The Los Palmas 7
07. Close Escape
08. OVerdone
09. Not Home Today
10. Razor Blade Alley
11. My Girl
12. Take It Or Leave It
13. On The Beat Pete
14. Embarrassment
15. Shadow Of Fear
16. You Said
17. In The Middle Of The Night
18. The Prince
19. Baggy Trousers
20. Rockin' In A Flat
21. Madness
22. Crying Shame

Joe Strummer - Reggae Style

Une compilation de diverses performances live de Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros dans le plus pure style reggae.

island hop
rock art
harder they come
pressure drop
police n thieves
rudie can't fail
dakhar meantime
bummed out city
armegiddeon time
to hellishen
mondo bongo
unknown immortal
shaktar donestsk
junco partner
message to rudie

(Thanks to IMCT)

Chron Gen - Leicester 1981

Cet enregistrement est tiré d'une cassette édition limitée enregistrée à Leicester en 81 pendant l'Apocalypse Now tour. Son parfait.

01 - hounds of the night
02 - subway sadist
03 - chronic generation
04 - rockabill
05 - the mindless few
06 - you`ll never change me
07 - living next door to alice
08 - puppets of war
09 - reality
10 - l[1].s.d.
(thanks to Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf)

The Cure - Birmingham 20/09/1985

20/09/1985 - National Exhibition Center, Birmingham, UK

A Night Like This
Kyoto Song
The Blood
The Hanging Garden
In Between Days
Let's Go To Bed
The Walk
A Forest
Close To Me
Charlotte Sometimes

The Cure - Cornwall 30/071983

Elephant Fayre Festival, Cornwall, England - 30/07/1983

Set List:
the figurehead
in your house
the drowning man
siamese twins
three imaginary boys
at night
one hundred years
play for today
a forest
10:15 saturday night
killing an arab

vendredi 23 novembre 2007

Joe Strummer - Solo, soundtracks & rarities

bon, le week-end arrive à grands pas. Il n'est de mise à jour qui se respecte sans Joe Strummer.

Voici donc une collection solos, musiques de film et de raretés du Maestro. J'ai un sac complet de rareté de l'homme. Un jour peut-être si vous êtes gentils. Là, c'est du vrac. Cette année, c'est le 5ème anniversiare de sa mort. Ca fera certainement pas recette à la télé, donc pas d'émission hommage. RIP.

CD1 :
01. island hop
02. unknown immortal
03. afro-cuban be bop
04. pourin rain
05. sikorsky parts
06. dizzy's goat
07. burning lights
08. ride your donkey
09. x-ray style
10. message to rudie
11. yalla yalla
12. straight to hell
13. nitcomb
14. filibustero
15. mondo bongo
16. punk rock blues
17. no reason
18. forbidden city
19. sandpaper blues
20. juju queen

01. generations
02. dum dum
03. nothin bout nothin
04. gangsterville
05. road to rock-n-roll
06. it's a rocking world
07. neferiti rock
08. arms aloft
09. techno d-day
10. harder they come
11. keys to your heart
12. love kills
13. straight shooter
14. king of the bayou
15. highway one zero
16. shoutin street
17. trash city
18. slant 6
19. coma girl
20. passport to detroit
21. sightsee mc
22. mega bottle ride

Manu Chao - B-sides

y a de tout en vrac

Pirates Urbains Zapatistas
camions sauvages (amadou & mariam)
ten merced
merry no horns
milagreira (contramundo)
nada sin bo
Put it on (cover de Bob Marley)
rumba de barcelona (estudio remix)
Merry Blues (dance hall rmx)
La chinita (electric mix)
Marihuana Boogie (Studio version)
la chinita (spain mix)
me gustas tu (clubmix)
Mr Bobby (1998-bongo bong bonus)
Mr Bobby/Politik Kills (remix)
Danceteria - Bongo Bong Mix
Windy Alley-Rainin (initial version)
5 Razones (edit 7)
rainin in paradize (mixed by andrew scheps)
mama chuchara
panik panik
rainin in paradize
Mama Cuchara (Ver EP
Rainin in Paradize (Long album version)
y ahora que (bonustrack)
mama cuchara (bonustrack)
siberia (bonustrack)
sone otro mundo (bonustrack)
amalucada vida (bonustrack)

Paul Weller - Later with jools Holland 10/05/01

on termine la semaine en douceur avec un excellent concert avec un son proche de la perfection.

Mention spéciale à "Wild Wood", "Everything has a price to pay" et "A town called Malice", s'il en fallait une, c'est la preuve du génie de Mr Weller.

Brand new start
Out of the sinking
Wild wood
English rose
That's entertainment
The loved
Headstart for happiness
Everything has a price to pay
You do something to me
Town called Malice

AC/DC - 02/11/79 Hammersmith Odeon London, UK

01 Live Wire
02 Shot Down In Flames
03 Hell Aint A Bad Place To Be
04 Sin City05 Walk All Over You
06 Bad Boy Boogie
07 The Jack
08 Highway To Hell
09 Girls Got Rhythm
10 High Voltage
11 Whole Lotta Rosie
12 Rocker
13 If You Want Blood
14 Let There Be Rock

Blondie - 12/01/80 London Hammersmith Odeon

Mais quelle blonde !!! en plus le son est parfait !!

01 Dreaming
02 Slow Motion
03 Shayia
04 Union City Blues
05 The Hardest Part
06 Atomic
07 Living In The Real World
08 Denis
09 Picture This
10 Die Young, Stay Pretty
11 Accidents Never Happen
12 Love Victim

01 Heart Of Glass
02 Eat To The Beat
03 Hangin On The Telephone
04 Louie, Louie
05 I Feel Love (Donna Summer)
06 Heroes (David Bowie)
07 I Feel Good (James Brown)
08 Sunday Girl
09 Pretty Baby
10 One Way Or Another

Blondie - NYC Palladium 1979

une bien jolie blonde

01 Intro / In The Sun
02 X-Offender
03 Telephone
04 Detroit 442
05 Fan Mail
06 Picture This
07 1159
08 Pretty baby
09 Touched By Your Presence
10 Sunday Girl
11 Denise
12 ? I'm One
13 I'm Gonna Love Ya Too
14 Will Anything Happen
15 Fade Away And Radiate
16 I Don't Know
17 One Way Or Another
18 Be My Only
19 Kung Fu Girl
20 Robert Fripp Intro
21 Sister Midnight (With Robert Fripp)
22 Hereoes (With Robert Fripp)
23 Bang A Gong

jeudi 22 novembre 2007

Sisters of Mercy - Moscow 2006

Je vous mets celui-ci car c'est un très bon enregistrement audience de la tournée 2006, tournée décevante à un point que vous n'imaginez pas pour un fan de la première heure. Basse et batterie préenregistrées, 2 guitaristes et ce pauvre Eldricht qu'on entendait à peine. Quel déception !

12/07/06 - B1 club Moscow - Russia
Intro - First and Last and Always
Crash and Burn
When You Don't See Me
Dr.Jeep / Detonation Boulevard
Flood I
We are the Same, Suzanne
Giving Ground
Dominion / Mother Russia
Will I Dream?
On the Wire / Teachers / On the Wire
Flood II
This Corrosion
Something Fast
Lucretia My Reflection
Top Nite Out
Temple Of Love
Vision Thing

The Clash - Trick or Treat - Bond's 81

Un des meilleurs pirate du Clash, le meilleur groupe du monde !
Ne vous laissez pas abuser par la pochette qui indique le 31/10/82. Ce jour-là, le Clash ne se produisait pas en concert. La bonne date est indiqué ci-dessous. Il manque également Capitol Radio" sur cet enregistrement. Mais la qualité est vraiment bonne.

06/04/81 - Bond´s Casino Location: New York, NY

1. London Calling
2. Safe European Home
3. The Leader
4. Train In Vain
5. This Is Radio Clash
6. Guns Of Brixton
7. The Call Up8. Bankrobber
10.Charlie Don't Surf
11.Somebody Got Murdered
12.Police & Thieves
14.One More Time
15.Brand New Cadillac
16.The Street Parade
17.Janie Jones
18.Washington Bullets

mercredi 21 novembre 2007

The Cure - Early Symptoms

SEE THE CHILDREN - Sound & Vision Studios, London - 11.10.77
MEATHOOK - Sound & Vision Studios, London - 11.10.77
PILLBOX TALES - Sound & Vision Studios, London - 11.10.77
I JUST NEED MYSELF - Sound & Vision Studios, London - 11.10.77
I WANT TO BE OLD - Sound & Vision Studios, London - 11.10.77
BOYS DON´T CRY - Chesnut Studios, Sussex - 26.05.78
PILLBOX TALES - Morgan Studios, London - 00.01.79
WORLD WAR - Morgan Studios, London - 00.01.79
DO THE HANSA - Morgan Studios, London - 00.01.79
ACCURACY - Maida Vale Studios, London - 00.05.79
SUBWAY SONG - Maida Vale Studios, London - 00.05.79
PLASTIC PASSION - Maida Vale Studios, London - 00.05.79
GRINDING HALT - Maida Vale Studios, London - 00.05.79
DESPERATE JOURNALIST - Maida Studios, London - 00.05.79
JUMPING SOMEONE ELSE´S TRAIN - Extendend Version Acetate - 00.09.79
INTO THE TREES - Original Version of "A FOREST" - 00.12.79
A FOREST - Morgan Studios, London - 00.01.80
SEVENTEEN SECONDS - Morgan Studios, London - 00.01.80
PLAY FOR TODAY - Morgan Studios, London - 00.01.80
M - Morgan Studios, London - 00.01.80
A FOREST - Echo B Studio, France - 00.00.81
FIGUREHEAD - Echo B Studio, France - 00.00.81

The Cure - 17 boys have Faith in Pornography

1979/1982 - BBC recordings

Grinding Halt
Subway Song
Plastic Passion
Play For Today
A Forest
Seventeen Seconds
The Holy Hour
All Cats Are Grey
Siamese Twins
One Hundred Years
The Figurehead
Cold Colours (primary)

1-4 BBC 1979
5-8 BBC 1980
9-12 BBC 1981

Joy Division - Live Radio Shows

Pas de bon Blog sans un Joy Division

As you said (Britannia Row, London - 7' flexi disc - Uncredited track 1980)
Autosuggestion (Prince of Wales Conference Centre, YMCA, London)
Candidate (Pennine Sound Studios, Oldham - Piccadilly Radio Station)
Ceremony (Graveyard Studios, Prestwich - Previously unreleased)
Chance (atmosphere) (Pennine Sound Studios, Oldham - Piccadilly Radio Station)
Colony (BBC Studios, London - The Peel Sessions 1990)
Dead souls (Central sound, Manchester - Previously unreleased)
Exercise one (John Peel Session - Broadcast 1979)
Glass (Eden Studios, London - Genetic Records Session)
Ice age (Eden Studios, London - Genetic Records Session)
Insight (Eden Studios, London - Genetic Records Session)
Interzone (Arrow studios, Manchester - RCA Demo 1979)
Love will tear us apart (BBC Studios, London - John Peel Session - Broadcast 1979)
Shadowplay (Arrow studios, Manchester - RCA Demo 1979)
Something must break (Central sound, Manchester - Previously unreleased)
The drawback (Arrow studios, Manchester - RCA Demo 1979)
The only mistake (Pennine Sound Studios, Oldham - Piccadilly Radio Station)
These days (Pennine Sound Studios, Oldham - Piccadilly Radio Station)
Transmission (Eden Studios, London - Genetic Records Session)
Walked in line (Strawberry studios, Stockport - Previously unreleased)

Sisters of Mercy - The Sisters are doing it at the Beeb

1ère Peel Session - 25/08/82 (diffusion : 07/09/82)
01.Good Things
02.Floorshow /Alice (Sequenced together)
Date inconnue

2nd Peel Session - 19/06/84 (Diffusion : 13/07/84)
05.Poison Door
06.Walk Away
07.No Time to Cry

Kid Jensen Session - 10/03/83
1. Jolene
2. Heartland
3. Burn
4. Valentine
5. Jolene

Bauhaus - Odissea 2001, Milan 03/05/82

Double Dare
In The Flat Field
Silent Hedges
In Fear Of Fear
Of Lilies And Remains
Rose Garden Funeral Of Sores
Sanity Assassin
Terror Couple Kill Colonel
Kick In The Eye
Hollow Hills
Stigmata Martyr
Dark Entries

Stiff Little Fingers - B'S, Live, unplugged & Demos

Cet album regroupent différentes Demos, version Live et faces B. Il n'était disponible que sur commande spéciale grâce à un coupon fourni dans le CD "Pure Fingers"

Can't Believe in You - Radio Edit from "Can't believe in you" CD EP
The 'Cosh' - Unreleased Remix version
(It's a) Long Way to Paradise (From Here) - Demo
Stand Up and Shout - Demo
Silver Lining - Unplugged from "Can't believe in you" CD EP
Listen - Unplugged from "Can't believe in you" CD EP
Wasted Life - Unplugged from "Can't believe in you" CD EP
Johnny Was - Live outtake from PURE FINGERS (recorded live at Glasgow Barrowlands on March 17, 1993)
Shake it Off - Demo
Not What We Were (Pro Patria Mori) – Demo from HARP CD EP
Get a Life - Live at the Nottingham Rock City during the "get a life" tour
Harp - Live at the Nottingham Rock City during the "get a life" tour
Can't Believe in You - Live at the Nottingham Rock City during the "get a life" tour
No Laughing Matter – Live at the Nottingham Rock City during the "get a life" tour
The Last Time - Live at Brixton academy 1/10/1988 from "the last time" 12" vinyl
Mr. Fire Coal Man - Live at Brixton academy 1/10/1988 from "the last time" 12" vinyl
Two Guitars Clash - Live at Brixton academy 1/10/1988 from "the last time" 12" vinyl
Alternative Ulster - Live at Glasgow Barrowlands on March 17, 1993 from "Can't believe in you" CD EP

lundi 19 novembre 2007

The Who - 12/06/73 Capitol Center Landover MD King Biscuit Flower Hour

01-Intro King Biscuit Announcer
02-I Can't Explain
03-Summertime Blues
04-My Generation
05-I Am The Sea - The Real Me
06-I'm One
07-Townsend Speaks- Sea And Sand
08- Sea And Sand Continued
10-Bell Boy
11-Townsend Speaks- Doctor Jimmy
12-Won't Get Fooled Again
13-Pinball Wizard
14-See Me Feel Me
15-Pioneer Hi Fidelity Commercial (C
16-Land Loverr Commercial (Classic)
17-King Biscuit Announcer

The Who - Young Vic Rehearsals 1971

01 Baby Don't You Do It
02 Bargain
03 Boney Moronie
04 Unknown Jam
05 My Generation
06 Naked Eye 1
07 Naked Eye 2
08 Bonie Maronie
09 Road Runner
10 Walking The Dog

The Who - The complete Amsterdam 1969

House Annoucement
Heaven And Hell
I Can't Explain
Fortune Teller
Young Man Blues
A Quick One While He's Away
SubstituteHappy Jack
I'm A BoyOverture
It's A Boy1921
Amazing Journey
Eyesight To The Blind
The Acid Queen
Pinball Wizard
Do You Think It's Alright
Fiddle About
Tommy Can You Hear Me
There's A Doctor
Go To The Mirror
Smash The Mirror
Miracle Cure
Sally Simpson
I'm Free
Tommy's Holiday Camp
We're Not Gonna Take It
Summertime Blues
Shakin All Over
My Generation

vendredi 16 novembre 2007

Sex Pistols - Brixton academy, Londres 10/11/2007

C'est tout frais tout chaud !! son audience mais excellent tout de même !!

01 Intro
02 Pretty Vacant
03 17 (Lazy SOD)
04 No Feelings
05 New York
06 Did You No Wrong
07 Liar
08 Holidays In The Sun
09 Submission
10 Stepping Stone
11 No Fun
12 Problems
13 God Save The Queen
14 EMI
15 Bodies
16 Anarchy In The UK
17 Radio 1

Oberkampf - St Etienne 13/10/2001

Pour faire un parallèle avec ce qu'il y juste en dessous, voici un très bon concert d'Oberkampf, version MKII. J'ai une tendresse particulière pour ce groupe qui occupera à tout jamais une place spéciale dans mon coeur de vieux punk.
Merci monsieur Kebra

couleurs sur paris
n'observe plus
on etait freres
paye arme
fais attention
au present
tout ce fric
montrer les dents
i don't care
johnny sois mauvais

merci à Lol et keponteam

lundi 12 novembre 2007

Deep Purple - Osaka, 29/06/73

Dans la série dernier concert, je vous propose le dernier concert de Deep Purple, version MKII. La fin d'une époque. A noter l'au revoir de ian Gillian à la fin. Pour moi, Deep Purple s'est arrêté ce jour-là.

01 - Highway Star
02 - Smoke On The Water
03 - Strange Kind Of Woman
04 - Child In Time
05 - Lazy - Drum Solo - The Mule
06 - Space Truckin'
07 - Gillan's Last Speech

Echo and The Bunnymen - Kilburn National 17/10/97

02.I want to be there when you come
03.Baseball Bill
04.The Cutter
05.Just a touch away
08.I'll fly tonight
09.Seven seas
10.Villiers Terrace
12.Lips like sugar
13.Ocean rain
14.Nothing lasts forever

Hothouse Flowers - Boston 30/09/88

Groupe d'origine irlandaise. Un des meilleurs groupes qu'il m'ait été donné de voir en concert. Puissance, énergie, musique, la totale !!! Rien à voir le Punk. Osez la découverte une fois dans votre vie !!!

01 Intro
02 Saves
03 The Older We Get
04 It'll Be Easier In The Morning
05 Freedom
06 Love Don't Work This Way
07 Yes I Was
08 Seeline Woman (and not : See That Woman)
09 Ballad Of Katie
10 Don't Go
11 I'm Sorry
12 If You're Happy
13 Hallelujah Jordan
14 Feet On The Ground
15 Crowd
16 CarrickFergus
17 Tuning
18 Mountains
19 If You Go
20 Hydroman
21 Outro

The Jam - 100 Club 1977

100 Club Londres - 1977

Intro/I've Changed My Address
Carnaby Street
The Modern World
Time For Truth
So Sad About Us
London Girl
In The Street Today
All Around The World
London Traffic
Sweet Soul Music
Bricks And Mortar
In The City
Back In My Arms Again
Slow Down
In The Midnight Hour
Sounds From The Street
Takin' My Love

The Clash - From London to Jamaica

27/11/82 Bob Marley Centre Montego Bay, Kingston, Jamaica

London Calling
Police On My Back
The Guns of Brixton
The Magnificent Seven
Armagideon Time
The Magnificent Seven (reprise)
Junco Partner
Spanish Bombs
One More Time
Train in Vain
This is Radio Clash
Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Rock the Casbah
Straight to Hell
I Fought the Law

vendredi 9 novembre 2007

Lisa Gerrard - Live in Dusseldorf

Pour terminer en douceur dans ce monde de brutes, voici la fabuleuse voix de Lisa Gerrard.

CD 1
01. Gloradin
02. Celon
03. La Bas
04. Solo Whistle
05. Violina - The Last Embrance
06. Tristan
07. Sanvean
08. Bylar
09. Solo Flut
10. Persian Love Song
11. Rembetika
12. Untitled

CD 2
01. Ajhon
02. Swans
03. Nilleshna
04. Laurelei
05. Untitled Drums
06. Bolero
07. Greek Rembetika
08. Largo
09. Venteles
10. Venteles
11. Lisa Solo

Dead Kennedys - Forward To Death - USA live 81/82

Live 1981-1982 Forward To Death USA
01.Man With The Dog
02.Forward To Death
03.Keen On Factory
04.Life Sentence
05.Trust Your Mechanic
06.Moral Majority
07.Forest Five
08.Winnebageo Warrior
09.Police Jerk
10.Bleed For Me
11.Holiday In Cambodia
12.Let's Lynch The LandLord
13.Chemical Warfare
14.Nazi Punk's Fuck Off
15.Bigger Problem Now
16.Too Drunk To Fuck

Dead Kennedys - Mutiny on the Bay

1 - Introduction
2 - Police Truck
3 - Kill The Poor
4 - Holiday In Cambodia
5 - Moon Over Marin
6 - California Uber Alles
7 - MTV
8 - Too Drunk To Fuck
9 - Goons Of Hazzard
10 - This Could Be Anywhere
11 - Forward To Death
12 - I Am The Owl
13 - Hell Nation
14 – Riot

Dead Kennedys - Demo tape 78

Après une fin, un début. Demo tape de Dead Kennedys de 1978

Kepone Kids
Forward to Death
California Uber Alles
Your Emotions
Kill the Poor
Holiday in Cambodia
Man With the Dogs
I Kill Children
Dreadlocks of the Suburbs
Mutations of Today
Cold Fish
Forward to Death
Viva Las Vegas

Sex Pistols - Winterland 14/01/78

on continu dans la série dernier concert, voici le dernier concert des Sex Pistols enregistré au Winterland SF en 1978.
A noter la sortie de Rotten à la fin de No Fun : "ahahah, ever get the feeling that you have been cheated ??"

God Save The Queen
I Wanna Be Me
New York
Belsen Was A Gas
Holidays In The Sun
No Feelings
Pretty Vacant
Anarchy In The U.K.
No Fun

Dead Kennedys - Last Show Live (21.2.86)

Dans la série dernier concert, voici le dernier concert de Dead Kennedys. Le son est pas terrible mais bon...
21/02/86 - Freeborn Halls, Davis, California.

CD1 :
01.Goons Of Hazzard
03.Terminal Preppie
04.When Ya Get Drafted
05.Rambozo The Clown
06.This Could By Anywhere
07.Soup is a Good Fod
08.Chemical Warfare
09.The Man With The Dogs
10.Mtv Gett Of The Air
11.Triumph Of The Swill

CD2 :
01.Kill The Poor
02.A Child And His Lawnman
04.Chicken Farm
05.Holiday in Cambodia
06.Commercial, Bleed For Me
07.Too Drunk To Fuck
08.Moral Majority
09.We've Got a Bigger Problem


J'ai pris la décision de partager avec vous ma collection de concerts. Sachez l'apprécier à sa juste valeur.
Les mises à jour se feront au gré du vent et du temps. Passez me rendre visite de temps en temps

I have decided to share with you my bootlegs collection. Just appreciate it.
The updates won't be done on a regular basis. Just come and visit me.