mercredi 18 juin 2008

The Clash - Out of Control

The Clash - Rocker Station

Radio One
Dirty Harry [Speed Mix]
Rock The Casbah (Hot Tracks Mix)
Overpowered By Funk (New York Remix) [Speed Mix]
The Escapades Of Futura 2000
Radio One (Reprise)
The Escapades Of Futura Dub
Overpowered By Funk (Instrumental)
Rock The Casbah (Ultimix)
The Further Adventures Of Futura 2000
The Magnificent Seven (Tomorrow Show)
Lightning Strikes (Live)
The Magnificent Seven (Grooveblaster Remix)
In The Pouring Rain (Demo)

Track 1 : b-side to the 1980 single Hitsville U.K.
Track 2 : original version of The Magnificent Seven - early 1980
Tracks 3 and 9 : alternate mixes of Rock The Casbah.
Track 4 : extended mix of Overpowered By Funk (80/81)
Tracks 5, 7 and 10 : performed by Futura 2000 with music by The Clash; 5 and 7 from 1983 and 10 the demo track from 1981. Track 6 is more of Radio One. Track 8 is an instrumental only mix of Overpowered By Funk, dating from probably around late 1981.
Track 11 : live on the 'Tom Snyder Tomorrow Show', 5th June 1981.
Track 12 : live 1981
Track 13 : remix of The Magnificent Seven, credited to 'The Grooveblaster', which is an alias for Gerry Belsha.
Track 14 : Joe Strummer's demo version (1993)

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The Adicts - various B-sides

Come Along
Track 02
Falling In Love Again
It's A Laugh
Saturday Night
Zimbabwe Brothers Are Go
Straight Jacket
This Is Your Life
Don't Exploit Me
Younger Generation
Too Young
The Odd Couple
Organised Confusion
This Week
Sheer Enjoyment
Champs Elysees
ADX Medley
You'll Never Walk Alone
Just Wanna Dance With You
All the Lucky People
Calling Calling (Single Version)
Come Out To Play
Peel Session 79

The Clash - From Here To Eternity Outtakes

Aucune idée des concerts et dates

No idea about dates and venues !

Police On My Back
English Civil War
Drug Stabbing Time
Safe European Home
Jimmy Jazz
Police and Thieves
White Riot
Career Opportunities
Clash City Rockers
The Prisoner
Revolution Rock

Joy Division - Live

Ce sera mon dernier post sur Joy Division. Il y a tellement de pirates pourris de ce groupe mythique que mon moral est en berne. Voila une collection de différents concerts. Appréciez-les à leur juste valeur. Il n' y aura plus.

This will be my Last Joy Division post. Too many crappy bootlegs are around the net. I'm in a bad mood ! So here's a collection of various recordings. Take them as they come. There will be no more post.

Incubation (The Lyceum 29/02/80)
The Eternal (The Lyceum 29/02/80)
Heart & Soul (The Lyceum 29/02/80)
Isolation (The Lyceum 29/02/80)
She's Lost Control (The Lyceum 29/02/80)
Dead Souls (The Factory 09/06/78)
The Only Mistake (The Factory 09/06/78)
Insight (The Factory 09/06/78)
Candidate (The Factory 09/06/78)
Wilderness (The Factory 09/06/78)
She's Lost Control (The Factory 09/06/78)
Disorder (The Factory 09/06/78)
Interzone (The Factory 09/06/78)
Atrocity Exhibition (The Factory 09/06/78)
Novelty (The Factory 09/06/78)
I Remeber Nothing (Winter Gardens 02/11/79)
Colony (Winter Gardens 02/11/79)
These Days (Winter Gardens 02/11/79)

vendredi 6 juin 2008

Japan - Hammersmith Odeon 27/12/81

Gentlemen Take Polaroids
... Rodhesia
Quiet Life
My New Career
Taking Island In Africa
Methods of Dance
Ain't That Peculiar
European Son

New Model Army - The Rose (Demos)

Whirlwind (demo)
Billy (demo)
Vanity (demo)
Living In The Rose (demo)
Lust For Power (demo)
Ballad 2 (demo)
Poison Street (demo)
Brave New World (demo)
Instrumental #1 (demo)
Far Better thing (demo)
There's A Ghost In My House (live
No Greater Love (demo)
Young, Gifted And Skint (demo)
The Price (demo)
Family (demo)

Joy Division - Paradiso Club, Amsterdam 01/11/1980

Day Of The Lords
New Dawn Fades
Love Will Tear Us Apart
These Days
A Means To An End
Twenty Four Hours
She's Lost Control
Atrocity Exhibition

Joy Division - Remains

01. Inside The Line
02. Gutz
03. At A Later Date
04. The Kill
05. You're No Good For Me
06. At A Later Date (live)
07. Leaders Of Men
08. Walked In Line
09. Failures
10. Novelty
11. No Love Lost
12. Transmission
13. Ice Age
14. Warsaw
15. Shadowplay
16. Atrocity Exhibition
17. Something Must Break
18. Transmission
19. She's Lost Control
20. Transmission
21. Passover (live)
22. New Dawn Fades (live)
23. Love Will Tear Us Apart

Tracks 01-05: Pennine Sound Studios, Oldham 18-07-1977 (Warsaw demos)
Track 06: Live Manchester, Electric Circus 02-10-1977 (from Virigin 'Short Circuit' compilation)
Tracks 07-14: Arrow Studios, Manchester 03+04-05-1978 (RCA album sessions)
Track 15: "Granada Reports", Granada TV 20-09-1978
Track 16: Pennine Sound Studios, Oldham 04-06-1979 (Piccadilly Radio session)
Tracks 17-18: Central Sound Studios, Manchester July 1979 (First 'Transmission' session)
Tracks 19-20: "Something Else" BBC 2 TV 15-09-1979
Tracks 21-22: Live Amsterdam, Paradiso 11-01-1980
Track 23: Pennine Sound Studios, Oldham January 1980 (original single B-side version)


J'ai pris la décision de partager avec vous ma collection de concerts. Sachez l'apprécier à sa juste valeur.
Les mises à jour se feront au gré du vent et du temps. Passez me rendre visite de temps en temps

I have decided to share with you my bootlegs collection. Just appreciate it.
The updates won't be done on a regular basis. Just come and visit me.