lundi 14 avril 2008

Radio Birdman - Sidney1976

attention à bien vérifier l'ordre des chansons car elles se mélangent (elles ne sont pas nuémrotées !). Appréciez-le à sa juste valeur car y en aura pas d'autres de ce groupe mythique !

Check the order of the songs cause they mix up when you play it (they are not marked !). Appreciate it as it comes as there won't be other bootlegs from this fantastic band !

Route 66
Murder City Nights
Don't Look Back
Anglo Girl Desire
Man With Golden Helmet
Love Kills
TV Eye
Surf City
Hand of Law
New Race
Transmaniac on M.C
Burned my Eye
Descent into the Maelstrom
Time Won't Let Me
I 94
Do the Pop
Rock and Roll
I Wanna Be Your Dog
Career Beatle

The Clash - New-York City Palladium, 21/09/79

Pour satisfaire une demande, voici la version complète du concert au NYC Palladium de septembre 79 (version radio) et avec le soundcheck qui lui est de mauvaiase qualité. Bonne écoute.

Here's another requested boot : the complete NYC palladium show (radio broadcast) including a very poor quality of the soundcheck. Enjoy !

Safe European Home / I'm So Bored with the USA / Complete Control / London Calling / White Man In Hammersmith Palais / Koka Kola / I Fought the Law / Jail Guitar Doors / The Guns Of Brixton / English Civil War / Clash City Rockers / Stay Free / Clampdown / Police and Thieves / Capital Radio / Tommy Gun / Wrong 'Em Boyo / Janie Jones / Garageland / Armagideon Time / Career Opportunities / What's My Name / White Riot

mardi 8 avril 2008

Bauhaus - TV Appearances

01 - Ziggy Stardust (Top of the Pops - 05.10.1982)
02 - Spy In The Cab (Old Grey Whistle Test - 04.10.1982)
03 - Ziggy Stardust (Old Grey Whistle Test - 04.10.1982)
04 - Lagartija Nick (Oxford Road Show - 19.11.1982)
05 - The Passion of Lovers (Oxford Road Show - 19.11.1982)
06 - Lagartija Nick-Antonin Artaud (Oxford Road Show 19.11.1982 & Top of the Pops 15.01.1983)
07 - She's in Parties (Top of the Pops 13.04.1983)

thanks to Oceanico71

The clash - Rude Boys Directors cut

English Civil War (28 dec 78, London Lyceum)
White Man In Hammersmith Palais (4 jul 78, Glasgow Apollo)
I'm So Bored With the USA (4 jul 78, Glasgow Apollo)
Janie Jones (4 jul 78, Glasgow Apollo)
White Riot (4 jul 78, Glasgow Apollo)
Complete Control (27 jul 78, London Music Machine)
Tommy Gun (jul 78?, Dumfermline Kinema)
I Fought the Law (28 dec 78, London Lyceum)
Safe European Home (27 jul 78, London Music Machine)
What's My Name (27 jul 78, London Music Machine)
Police and Thieves (12 jul 78?, Birmingham Top Rank?)
London's Burning (30 apr 78, Victoria Park, Hackney, London)
White Riot* (30 apr 78, Victoria Park, Hackney, London)
No Reason (Rehearsal Rehearsals)
Garageland (Rehearsal Rehearsals)

*with Jimmy Pursey ( Sham 69)

The Clash - Elvis has left the building (rare tracks & demos)

King Of The Road (Sandinista Outake) (with Norman Watt Roy On Bass)
Blonde Rock & Roll (Sandinista Outake) (whit Ellen Foley)
White Riot (26 apr 77 Promo video shot) remixed
Know Your Rights (Combat Rock Outtake)
1977 (26 apr 77 Promo video shot) remixed
Overpowered By Funk (instrumental)
Louie Louie (Sandinista Outake)
Garageland (Rude Boy Outake - complete -)
House Of The Ju Ju Queen (Demo)
Y.M.C.A. (WCBN Radio sing -a- long)
Drug Stabbing Time (demo)
Safe European Home (demo)
Julie's In The Drug Squad (demo)
Stay Free (demo)
1977 (26 apr 77 Promo video shot)
White Riot (26 apr 77 Promo video shot)
London's Burning (26 apr 77 Promo video shot)
Mona (Unreleased demo 1980)
Can't Judge (Unreleased demo 1980)
Groovy Times (demo)
Last Gang In Town (demo)

Iggy Pop - Nightclubbing in Paris, Fevrier 2002

Voila un enregistrement très très rare que je partage avec vous. Un concert privé d'Iggy Pop enregistré à Canal + en 2002. Une performance inhabituel et surprenante avec des invités : Chrissy Hinde, Vanessa Paradis et Johnny Depp !!
Here's a very rare recording I share with you. A private gig recorded live for a French TV channel. A surprising and unusual live performance with special guest Chrissy Hinde, Vanessa Paradis et Johnny Depp !!

Nazy girlfriend
Avenue B
I felt luxury
I'm a fool to want you (with C. Hynde)
I wish you love (with C. Hynde)
One for my baby
Miss Argentina
You go to my head (with V. Paradis)
Don't smoke in bed (with V. Paradis)
She called me daddy
Hollywood affair (with J. Depp on guitar !!)
Nightclubbing (with Hynde, Paradis & Depp)

Hothouse Flowers - QM Union, Glasgow 20/05/1988

The Older We Get
It’ll Be Easier In The Morning
Giving It All Away
Love Don’t Work This Way
Yes I Was
Ballad Of Katie
Don’t Go
I’m Sorry
If You’re Happy
Feet On The Ground

16 Horsepower - Studio sessions 20 rare studio tracks

Tree house
I'm gonna snap
Coal black horses
Scrawled in sap
Prison shoe romp
I seen what i saw
Neck on the new blade
Phyllis Ruth
Flowers of my heart
Dead run
Bad moon rising
The partisan
Fire Spirit
For heaven's sake (edit)

Bonus tracks : Fire Spirit (live) - The Partisan (live)

1-5 : Blood Flower – Come, faithful and true EP (87) / 6-11 : 16 HP – Night owl studio (93) / 12 : 16 HP – Ricochet 7" single (94) / 13-15 : 16 HP - Heel on the shovel single (95) / 16, 17 & 20 : 16 HP - For heaven's sake single (97) / 18-19 : 16 HP – The partisan single (98)

16 Horsepower - Missing links

* Missin links - Denver Gentlemen 1995 demos+ The official Mercury Café tape (1993)+ tracks from Effenar July 2 1997

1-7 : Demos (The Denver Gentlemen)
8- Slow guilt
9- Shame town
10- Pure clob road
11- Heel on the shovel
12- South Pennsylvania Waltz
13- Dead run
14- Brimstone rock
15- Low estate
16- For heaven's sake
17- My narrow mind
18- Haw

8 – 13 : Mercury Cafe, Denver Dec. 93
14 – 18 : Eindhoven, Effenar – July 2nd, 97

Echo & the Bun,nymen - The Improv Theater London 01/04/99

Fools Like Us
Baby Rain
I Want To Be There (When You Come)
The Cutter
What Are You Going To Do With Your Life
The Back Of Love
Lips Like Sugar
Do It Clean


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