lundi 12 octobre 2009

Jeff Buckley - Dream Brother 2/25/1995 Rotterdam, Holland

Lover, you should've come over
So real
Last goodbye
Eternal life
Dream brother
Kick out the jams
Mojo pin
What will you say

Tracks 1-5: Live at Nighttown in Rotterdam, Holland, February 25, 1995
Tracks 6-8: Live at the Roskilde Festival, Denmark, June 30, 1995
Tracks 9-10: Live in Frankfurt, Germany, 1995

Jeff Buckley - the Rain was falling on that day

a collection of outtakes - covers - unreleased songs

Forget Her
I Woke Up In A Strange Place
I Want Someone Badly
No One Must Find You Here
Bluebird Blues
I Agains I
The Other Woman
Farewell Angelina
If You See Her Say Hello
Strange Fruit
The Boy With The Thorn In His Side
I Never Asked To Be Your Mountain

Jeff Buckley - Black sessions - le Bataclan, Paris 02/95 + velvet jungle sessions

Last Goodbye
So Real
Dream Brother
What Will You Say
Tune Up Song
Lilac Wine
Lover, You Shoulda Come Over
Mojo Pin
Sweet Thing
The Way Young Lovers Do
J'n'en Connais Pas La Fin/Hymne A l'Amour
Dream Brother
So Real
Last Goodbye
Mojo Pin
Eternal Life
Final Farewell

Editors - Warsaw Brooklyn, USA - 28/03/06

Editors - Warsaw, Brooklyn, USA 28.03.06

All Sparks
You Are Fading
Open Your Arms
Someone Says
Fingers In The Factories

jeudi 20 août 2009

Re-opening soon

the title says it all... Re-opening soon...

mardi 26 mai 2009

Time has come to have a change. I have very very good reasons. I can feel the poison in my veins again. It tastes good. So good. Thanks for all your comments and kind words. Don't ask for repost.

If you like rock music, you can visit and leave a comment on my band page :

Peace over you
Love over you

Geant Vener

mercredi 11 février 2009

Bad Religion - Chicago river Theater 93

Portrait of authority
What can you do
Do what you want
Get off
Struck a nerve
Pessimistic lines
Lookin in
Man with a mission
Fuck Armageddon part 1
You are the government
I want to conquer the world
Atomic garden
Along the way
21st century digital boy

New Model Army - The Curse

My last bunch of demos.

Before I Get Old (Demo)
Prison (Demo - Working Title 'Guilt')
Eleven Years (Demo)
Gatlin (Instrumental Demo)
Lurhstaap (Demo)
Curse (Demo)
Forgiven (Instrumental Demo)
Ballad 2 (Demo)
Get Me Out (Demo)
Sleepwalking (Instrumental Demo - Working Title 'Banished')
Space (Live At Manchester, 27.10.90)
Purity (Live At Manchester, 27.10.90)
Innocence (Live At Manchester, 27.10.90)
Marrakesh (Recorded At The Sawmills Studio)

New Model Army - Roly

A collection of demos (once more)

24 Hours (instrumental demo)
Roly (instrumental demo)
Crash (instrumental demo)
Whirlwind (instrumental demo)
Ballad of Bodmin Pill (instrumental demo)
225 (instrumental demo)
Archway Towers (instrumental demo)
Waiting (instrumental demo)
I wish (instrumental demo)
Tension (instrumental demo)
Coasters (instrumental demo)
Christian Militia (instrumental demo)
Lights go out (instrumental demo)

New Model Army - Once Were Warriors

a collections of demos

London (demo)
Acab (demo)
Higher Wall (demo)
Ballad 2 (demo)
The Dam (instrumental demo)
New Model Army (demo)
Whirlwind (demo)
The Gift (demo)
No Man's Land (demo)
No Rest (missing track from Radio Sessions)

New Model Army - Betrayal

A collection of demos

I love the world (demo)
125 mph (demo)
Deadeye (demo)
Green and grey (demo)
Stupid questions (demo)
Vagabonds (demo)
225 (demo)
Inheritance (demo)
Poem (demo)
Chinese whispers (demo)
125 mph (alt. harmonica mix - house of dolls compilation)
Green and Grey (live soundcheck)
Betrayal (instrumental demo)
Heroes (instrumental demo)
Brother (demo)

jeudi 29 janvier 2009

The Waterboys - Glasgow Barrowlands 07/11/2001

CD 1:
let it happen
we will not be lovers
glastonbury song
good man gone
higher in time
the whole of the moon
has anybody here seen hank
is she conscious
dumbing down the world
the pan within

CD 2 :
too close to heaven
bring 'em all in
medicine bow
on my way to heaven
this is the sea / That was the sea

fisherman's blues (Bonus Track - Unknown source)

The Waterboys - Radio sessions 2001

Higherbound (WFUV, NY 22/03/01)
Fisherman's blues (WFUV, NY 22/03/01)
Saints & angels (WFUV, NY 22/03/01)
Winter mind (WXRV, Boston 08/10/01)
How many songs 'till I get home (WXRV, Boston 08/10/01)
Spirit (RTE, Ireland 06/12/01)
Lonesome old wind(RTE, Ireland 06/12/01)
Let it happen (World café 21/04/01)
Fisherman's blues (World café 21/04/01)
Wind in the wires (World café 21/04/01)
Dumbing down the world (World café 21/04/01)
Everybody takes a tumble (Today FM, Ireland 06/12/01)
I'll meet you in heaven again (Today FM, Ireland 06/12/01)
Vampire (Today FM, Ireland 06/12/01)

The Waterboys - Born To Be Together, Live in Europe 1986

the earth only endures
medicine bow
fisherman's blues
this is the sea
born to be together
higher in time
don't bang the drum
the trill Is gone
the pas within
i'm so lonesome i could cry
savage earth heart

Paul Weller - Solo Akustik 07_04_2001 Berlin, SFB Send

1. Intro
2. Out Of The Sinking
3. Foot Of The Mountain
4. You Do Something To Me
5. Brand New Start
6. Clues
7. Country
8. Amongst Butterflies
9. Science
10. Back In The Fire
11. Sweet Pea
12. That's Entertainment
13. Down In The Seine
14. Wilds Wood
15. There's No Drinking After You're Dead
16. Everything Has A Price To Pay
17. Headstart For Happiness
18. Fly On The Wall

Paul Weller - BBC Radio 1 In Concert 27/05/00

he's the keeper
Back in the Fire
There's no drinking after you're dead
On and on
You do something to me
Sweet pea, My sweet pea
With me and Temperance
Picking up stickes
The Woodcutter's son

Bad Religion - Peel Session 93 & Tauberall 2005

American Jesus (Peel)
Kerosene (Peel)
Recipe for hate (Peel)
What can you do (Peel)
LA is burning
God's love
Recipe for hate
Modern man
American song

Bad Religion - No Substance Radio Concert 1999

21st Century Digital Boy
Hear It
Do What You Want
Part III
The Handshake
Shades of Truth
Give You Nothing
Sowing the Seeds of Utopia
We're Only Gonna Die
Faith Alone
A Walk
Change Of Ideas
Bad Religion
You Are (The Government)
God Song
Come Join Us
Dream of Unity
Along the Way
Fuck Armaggedon... This Is Hell
American Jesus
No Control

Tracks 1-13 : Los Angeles 15/01/09
Tracks 14-31 : Karlsruhe, Germany 1997

Bad religion - Media Park, Koln 07/09/98

Hear It
Recipe For Hate
21st Century (Digital Boy)
Raise Your Voice
Do What You Want
American Jesus
The Hippy Killers
Along The Way
Sowing The Seeds Of Utopia
A Walk
The Answer
Punk Rock Song
Best For You
Fuck Armageddon...

Chris Isaak - Bimbo's 365 Club, SF 1991

You Owe Me
Beautiful Homes
I Believe
Goin' Nowhere
Changed Your Mind
Two Hearts
Blue Hotel
Somebody's Crying
Wicked Game
Go Walking Down There
Baby Did A Bad, Bad Thing
Forever Blue
All I Want
Diddley Daddy

Lloyd Cole - Acoustic Radio Sessions 1990 / 2002

Four Flights Up
Unhappy song
The Other Side Of The World
Chelsea Hotel (L. cohen cover)
2 CV
My Way To You
Being Boring (Pet Shop boys Cover)
Forest Fire
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
Mister Wrong
Can't Get Arrested
My Way To You
Unhappy song
Long Way Down
Four Flights Up
Wild Mushrooms
Forest Fire
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
Can't Get Arrested
Unknown track

vendredi 16 janvier 2009

Clash - Amsterdam 81 (REUPPED)


The Paddingtons - Demos

This one was bored to the Nuzz. Thanks to him. I really digg this band !

Ed Case (Demo)
Loser (Demo)
First Come First (Demo)
Trying To Please
Bring Out Your Dead
Broken Man
Give It Up
Hard To Find
Never Gonna Know (Demo)
Not To Know
Rat Race
Stand Down (Demo)
Talking On The Telephone
You And I (Demo)

jeudi 15 janvier 2009

You Ungreatful people !

when I look at the figures, what do I see ?

Noir Desir : 273 downloads
Rory Gallagher : 118 downloads

Thanks : none !!!

mercredi 14 janvier 2009


expect some new post very soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


J'ai pris la décision de partager avec vous ma collection de concerts. Sachez l'apprécier à sa juste valeur.
Les mises à jour se feront au gré du vent et du temps. Passez me rendre visite de temps en temps

I have decided to share with you my bootlegs collection. Just appreciate it.
The updates won't be done on a regular basis. Just come and visit me.