mercredi 11 février 2009

Bad Religion - Chicago river Theater 93

Portrait of authority
What can you do
Do what you want
Get off
Struck a nerve
Pessimistic lines
Lookin in
Man with a mission
Fuck Armageddon part 1
You are the government
I want to conquer the world
Atomic garden
Along the way
21st century digital boy

New Model Army - The Curse

My last bunch of demos.

Before I Get Old (Demo)
Prison (Demo - Working Title 'Guilt')
Eleven Years (Demo)
Gatlin (Instrumental Demo)
Lurhstaap (Demo)
Curse (Demo)
Forgiven (Instrumental Demo)
Ballad 2 (Demo)
Get Me Out (Demo)
Sleepwalking (Instrumental Demo - Working Title 'Banished')
Space (Live At Manchester, 27.10.90)
Purity (Live At Manchester, 27.10.90)
Innocence (Live At Manchester, 27.10.90)
Marrakesh (Recorded At The Sawmills Studio)

New Model Army - Roly

A collection of demos (once more)

24 Hours (instrumental demo)
Roly (instrumental demo)
Crash (instrumental demo)
Whirlwind (instrumental demo)
Ballad of Bodmin Pill (instrumental demo)
225 (instrumental demo)
Archway Towers (instrumental demo)
Waiting (instrumental demo)
I wish (instrumental demo)
Tension (instrumental demo)
Coasters (instrumental demo)
Christian Militia (instrumental demo)
Lights go out (instrumental demo)

New Model Army - Once Were Warriors

a collections of demos

London (demo)
Acab (demo)
Higher Wall (demo)
Ballad 2 (demo)
The Dam (instrumental demo)
New Model Army (demo)
Whirlwind (demo)
The Gift (demo)
No Man's Land (demo)
No Rest (missing track from Radio Sessions)

New Model Army - Betrayal

A collection of demos

I love the world (demo)
125 mph (demo)
Deadeye (demo)
Green and grey (demo)
Stupid questions (demo)
Vagabonds (demo)
225 (demo)
Inheritance (demo)
Poem (demo)
Chinese whispers (demo)
125 mph (alt. harmonica mix - house of dolls compilation)
Green and Grey (live soundcheck)
Betrayal (instrumental demo)
Heroes (instrumental demo)
Brother (demo)


J'ai pris la décision de partager avec vous ma collection de concerts. Sachez l'apprécier à sa juste valeur.
Les mises à jour se feront au gré du vent et du temps. Passez me rendre visite de temps en temps

I have decided to share with you my bootlegs collection. Just appreciate it.
The updates won't be done on a regular basis. Just come and visit me.