mercredi 31 octobre 2007

The Ramones - Street Fighting Men

a collection of rare tracks

CD 1 : I wanna be your boyfriend (demo) - Judy is a punk (demo) - I don't care (demo) - I can't be (demo) - Now I wanna sniff some glue (demo) - I don't wanna be learned/I don't wanna be tamed (demo) - You should never have opened that door (demo) - Blitzkrieg bop (Single version) - Needles & pins (Early version) - Slug (demo) - It's a long way back to Germany (U.K B-Side) - I don't care (Single version) - Sheena is a punk rocker (Single version) - I don't want you (Ed Stasium version) - Rock n' roll high school (Ed Stasium version) - Come back, she cried (A.K.A I walk out) - Yea, Yea - I want you around (Soundtrack version) - Danny says (demo) - I'm affected (demo) - Please don't leave - All the way (demo) - Do you remember rock 'n' roll radio? (demo) - Touring (1981 version) - I can't get you out of my mind (demo) - Chop suey (Alternate version) - Sleeping troubles - Kicks to try - I'm not an answer - Stares in this townIndian giver (Original mix)
CD 2 : New girl in town - No one to blame - Roots of hatred - Bumming along - Unhappy girl - My-my kind of girl (Acoustic demo) - Street fighting man - Smash you - Howling at the moon (demo) - Planet earth 1988 (Dee Dee vocal version) - Daytime dilemma (demo) - Endless vacation (demo) - Danger zone (Dee Dee vocal version) - Out of here - Mama's boy (demo) - I'm not an answer (Dee Dee vocal version) - Too tough to die (Dee Dee vocal version) - No go (demo) - I don't want to go to the basement (demo) - 53rd & 3rd (demo) - I wanna be your boyfriend (demo) - Judy is a punk (demo) - Loudmouth (demo) - Carbona not glue - Can't say anything nice - Surfin' safari - Spiderman

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Anonyme a dit…

My Blitzkrieg Bop promo single (which I got when it came out originally) listed a slightly different running time, and seemed to have more echo in the vocals. Slug also appeared as a computer program (written by Joey?) in a computer magazine in the early '80s, with animation accompanying the music.


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