mardi 8 avril 2008

The clash - Rude Boys Directors cut

English Civil War (28 dec 78, London Lyceum)
White Man In Hammersmith Palais (4 jul 78, Glasgow Apollo)
I'm So Bored With the USA (4 jul 78, Glasgow Apollo)
Janie Jones (4 jul 78, Glasgow Apollo)
White Riot (4 jul 78, Glasgow Apollo)
Complete Control (27 jul 78, London Music Machine)
Tommy Gun (jul 78?, Dumfermline Kinema)
I Fought the Law (28 dec 78, London Lyceum)
Safe European Home (27 jul 78, London Music Machine)
What's My Name (27 jul 78, London Music Machine)
Police and Thieves (12 jul 78?, Birmingham Top Rank?)
London's Burning (30 apr 78, Victoria Park, Hackney, London)
White Riot* (30 apr 78, Victoria Park, Hackney, London)
No Reason (Rehearsal Rehearsals)
Garageland (Rehearsal Rehearsals)

*with Jimmy Pursey ( Sham 69)

4 commentaires:

zxunami a dit…

thnx for this!!!!

Holmeslaw a dit…

nice! thanks.

Kirk Eaton a dit…

Could you re-upload this?

barefootbob a dit…

thanks for all the great CLASH stuff. Great Blog. Looking for Screaming Blue Messiahs Cadillac Valentine Ep. Dont suppose you have & could post? thanks rob USA


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