lundi 14 avril 2008

Radio Birdman - Sidney1976

attention à bien vérifier l'ordre des chansons car elles se mélangent (elles ne sont pas nuémrotées !). Appréciez-le à sa juste valeur car y en aura pas d'autres de ce groupe mythique !

Check the order of the songs cause they mix up when you play it (they are not marked !). Appreciate it as it comes as there won't be other bootlegs from this fantastic band !

Route 66
Murder City Nights
Don't Look Back
Anglo Girl Desire
Man With Golden Helmet
Love Kills
TV Eye
Surf City
Hand of Law
New Race
Transmaniac on M.C
Burned my Eye
Descent into the Maelstrom
Time Won't Let Me
I 94
Do the Pop
Rock and Roll
I Wanna Be Your Dog
Career Beatle

5 commentaires:

Electric Cool a dit…

Yeah Hup! Merci for this recording!!! Can't wait to listen to it.

Great blog, Geant. Keep it coming.

Pen Drive a dit…

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Anonyme a dit…

great post!
However; the song "Career Beatle"
should be "Career of Evil"
it's a cover of a BOC song

Anonyme a dit…

Great blog!!!!
Please some Social Distortion live stuff 2005-2008 Ramones live 1994-1988 and Chris Wall (country but great).Thank you

Nazz Nomad a dit…

thanks for this-
great site


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