vendredi 9 novembre 2007

Dead Kennedys - Last Show Live (21.2.86)

Dans la série dernier concert, voici le dernier concert de Dead Kennedys. Le son est pas terrible mais bon...
21/02/86 - Freeborn Halls, Davis, California.

CD1 :
01.Goons Of Hazzard
03.Terminal Preppie
04.When Ya Get Drafted
05.Rambozo The Clown
06.This Could By Anywhere
07.Soup is a Good Fod
08.Chemical Warfare
09.The Man With The Dogs
10.Mtv Gett Of The Air
11.Triumph Of The Swill

CD2 :
01.Kill The Poor
02.A Child And His Lawnman
04.Chicken Farm
05.Holiday in Cambodia
06.Commercial, Bleed For Me
07.Too Drunk To Fuck
08.Moral Majority
09.We've Got a Bigger Problem

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Anonyme a dit…

Just discovered your blog and all I can say is THANKS!
Great bands&gigs
Discovered too that the "Kill the Poor" version of this concert is the one on "Mutiny on the Bay", so they have a complete good quality-sunboard version of this show!
Un saludo desde el Sur de España
(I can handle in English but my French...uuh.. muy escaso)


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