vendredi 9 novembre 2007

Dead Kennedys - Forward To Death - USA live 81/82

Live 1981-1982 Forward To Death USA
01.Man With The Dog
02.Forward To Death
03.Keen On Factory
04.Life Sentence
05.Trust Your Mechanic
06.Moral Majority
07.Forest Five
08.Winnebageo Warrior
09.Police Jerk
10.Bleed For Me
11.Holiday In Cambodia
12.Let's Lynch The LandLord
13.Chemical Warfare
14.Nazi Punk's Fuck Off
15.Bigger Problem Now
16.Too Drunk To Fuck

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Downloaded to check it, and as I thought this is the "Skateboard Party" bootleg, also in "Live & Alive" bootleg which has the best sound of the three although some tracks are missing-messed and some don't belong, you know, bootlegs!


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I have decided to share with you my bootlegs collection. Just appreciate it.
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